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Cooperative Job Ahead
Projection practice must advance and modernize to handle properly latest type productions as typified by Walt Disney's "Snow White" feature.
Paul R. Cramer
Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is in the forefront of the campaign to improve the coordination between the technical facilities now available to the studios and the present state of affairs in projection practice. Everything possible has been done in the way of making this first feature length color cartoon the most modern and satisfying presentation that money and technical skill and application could produce, with special cooperation from the Technicolor company. It was necessary to create special new equipment, including the multiplane camera I technical details of which are presented for the first time in the Camera Section of this issue of International Photographer); new equipment and recording methods to reproduce sound that would be pleasing and natural; and softer lighting and more subdued coloring to prevent any possibility of eye strain and resultant fatigue in witnessing the picture. What will happen to a production of this type when it reaches the theatres depends upon two factors: the equipment and the projectionists. We are certain that IATSE operators throughout the country will bend every sincere effort to accord this picture as close to its potentialities as they can; and we hope that they and the picture will benefit from the tips in this article. […]



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