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The Watcher in the Woods
can't see the horror for the trees
Tim Moriarty

Imagine that you're standing in front of your mirror, safe in your own home, adjusting your clothes and fixing your hair for that big evening out.

Suddenly . . . inexplicably . . . horribly, the image in the mirror is not you, not even of this earth. You are staring at something long-dead . . . and it
is beckoning to you!

disney dazzles


A title to conjure with.

A title to intrigue, to beguile.

A title to bring one's worst fears to life . . . the fear that lurking just outside of the light is a malevolent, unholy spirit . . .!

The worst fears of the Curtis family come to terrible reality in the Walt Disney Production of THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS, a supernatural thriller filmed on location in a Gothic mansion and a murky heath in England.

The Disney organization has long been known for authenticity and perfection in the field of special effects and animation. They've presented a FANTASIA, taken us into THE BLACK HOLE, returned us to WITCH MOUNTAIN, and given life to THE DRAGONSLAYER. And now they've pulled out all the stops to make the climax of THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS a dazzling one!


fright terrain

No expense has been spared, and plenty of time and care have been taken to ensure that, when THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS and his/her/its secret is revealed in the end, an experience that reaches beyond the grave – and even beyond the stars – is delivered.

The visual concept was designed by Harrison Ellenshaw, the genius who realized many of the mattes and special effects of STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, THE BLACK HOLE, and THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH.

The special effects were supervised and executed by Art Cruikshank and Bob Broughton. Among Art's credits are FANTASTIC VOYAGE and THE BLACK HOLE.

The special effects wizards utilized the Disney organization's unique ACES system for their work. ACES stands for Automatic Camera Effects System, and it brings computerized precision and clarity to the painstaking work of blending mattes, miniatures, and opticals into one, startling visual effect.

Systems like ACES have brought us the STAR WARS films, THE BLACK HOLE, the STAR TREK motion picture, and much more!

Thus, if Harrison Ellenshaw, Art Cruikshank, Bob Broughton, and ACES have been employed for THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS' climax, you can confidently expect something more than flying tableware and slamming doors!

Winged demons and alien terrains are rumored to appear.

So watch for THE WATCHER. It'll be watching for you!


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