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Roger Rabbit's Roots
His First Director Recalls How It All Began
Darrell Van Citters

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a hugely successful venture for The Walt Disney Company, one that has in no small way influenced the form and volume of contemporary animation. But with the media blitz surrounding a film of this scale, its often difficult to know where the hype ends and the truth begins. Readers of the popular media might come away with the sense that those who executed the final film were also the ones who discovered and nurtured the project through the long and arduous process of development. Its the stuff of legends — the magic touch of inspired genius.

In fact, its a common occurrence in Hollywood for a film to go through a number of hands before reaching fruition. Regardless of who initiated a project, the ones who see it realized will be the ones who have the clout to get it into production, and the end product will, of course, reflect their vision. Occasionally, the preceding visions are dismissed entirely, but more often then not the final production cannot help but be influenced by earlier work on the project. The intent, therefore, of this article, is not to discount what came after, but simply to recount what came before.



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