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5755 Misc Broadcast
Video (Misc), Feature
Backstage at Disney
Disney Channel Studio Showcase
Author: John Culhane
Michael Giaimo, Joe Hale, John Debney, Harrison Ellenshaw, Peter Renaday, Tom Leetch, John Culhane, Tim Burton, Russi Taylor, Isidoro Raponi, Darrell Van Citters
R: 1983
I: 2021-01-27
5510 Animated Views
Text (Website), Feature
The Black Cauldron: Producer Joe Hale talks munchings and crunchings…
Author: Jérémie Noyer
Ward Kimball, Roy E. Disney, Don Griffith, Joe Hale, Ollie Johnston, Ron Miller, Art Stevens, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Tim Burton, Don Bluth, Lloyd Alexander
R: 2010-09-17
I: 2020-11-03
5445 Entertainment Design
#33.10, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Headless Sleepy Hollow
For Tim Burton's Latest, Production Designer Rick Heinrichs Conjures Washington Irving's Upstate New York Town in England
Author: John Calhoun
Tim Burton, Johnny Depp
R: 1999-11
I: 2020-10-04
5422 Dizney Coast to Coast
#763, 01:06:36
Text (Podcast), Feature
An Animator's Journey With Matthew Schiavone
Garner Holt, John Lasseter, Andreas Deja, Ward Kimball, Tom Hanks, Eric Goldberg, James Baxter, Frank Thomas, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Rich Moore, Tim Burton, Don Bluth, Dan Lund, Dale Bear
R: 2020-09-09
I: 2020-09-10
5168 Sarah O'Connell Show
Text (Youtube Channel), Interview
Don Hahn Interview
The Lion King, Beauty And The Beast, Roger Rabbit, Maleficent, Disney Plus
John Lasseter, Don Hahn, Alan Menken, Glen Keane, James Baxter, Walter Elias Disney, Brad Bird, Ed Catmull, Richard Williams, Howard Ashman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, Hans Zimmer, Leslie Iwerks, Tim Rice, Kirk Wise, Jon Favreau, Tim Burton, George Lucas, Rob Minkoff, Peter Schneider, Bill Condon
R: 2020-05-29
I: 2020-05-29
5136 GQ (UK)
Text (Magazine), Interview
Johnny Depp will not be buried
Author: Jonathan Heaf
Tim Burton, Johnny Depp
R: 2018-10-02
I: 2020-05-20
4959 Centre Phi
Video (Website), Feature
In Conversation with Don Hahn
Author: Theodore Ty
Don Hahn, Marc Davis, Alan Menken, Ward Kimball, Glen Keane, Eric Goldberg, Frank Thomas, Eric Larson, Walter Elias Disney, Brad Bird, Joe Grant, Ollie Johnston, Walt Stanchfield, Howard Ashman, Tyrus Wong, Donald W. Graham, Brenda Chapman, Hans Zimmer, Tim Rice, Tim Burton, Frank Wells
R: 2017-12-18
I: 2020-04-27
4687 Computer Graphics World
#18.8, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Toy Story
A Triumph of Animation
Author: Barbara Robertson
John Lasseter, Tom Hanks, Ed Catmull, Pete Docter, Randy Newman, Eben Ostby, William Reeves, Tim Burton, Sharon Calahan, Peter Schneider
R: 1995-08
I: 2020-02-13
4681 Animato!
#22, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Review: Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Superb Entertainment, Plain and Simple
Author: Harry McCracken
Alan Menken, Jerry Rees, Glen Keane, James Baxter, Tom Sito, Howard Ashman, Paige O'Hara, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Brenda Chapman, Chris Sanders, Kirk Wise, Gary Trousdale, Harry McCracken, Tim Burton, Rob Minkoff, Darrell Van Citters, Linda Woolverton
R: 1992, Winter
I: 2020-02-05
4673 Animato!
#20, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Roger Rabbit's Roots
His First Director Recalls How It All Began
Author: Darrell Van Citters
John Lasseter, Jerry Rees, Bob Clampett, Tim Burton, Darrell Van Citters, Thomas L. Wilhite
R: 1990, Summer
I: 2020-02-04
4329 EndorExpress
Text (Website), Interview
A Chat with Galaxy’s Edge’s Executive Architect, Greg Ashton
Brian Curran, David Yeh, Tim Burton, Greg Ashton
R: 2019-06-11
I: 2019-06-12
4205 Cartoon Brew
Text (Website), Feature
The Secret History of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”
Author: Ross Anderson
John Lasseter, Don Hahn, Andreas Deja, Gary K. Wolf, Jerry Rees, Glen Keane, Ron Clements, John Musker, Nik Ranieri, Brad Bird, Richard Williams, Randy Cartwright, Bill Kroyer, Bob Hoskins, Tony Anselmo, Rich Moore, Tim Burton, Henry Selick, Max Howard, Mike Gabriel, Darrell Van Citters, Thomas L. Wilhite
R: 2013-11-04
I: 2019-03-13
4182 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
The Making of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Part 2
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, Chris Merritt, Eric Leighton, Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, Joe Ranft
R: 2018-09-12
I: 2019-03-03
4181 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
The Making of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Part 1
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, Andreas Deja, Glen Keane, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Tim Burton, Henry Selick
R: 2018-09-05
I: 2019-03-03
4177 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
Remembering Ron Miller and Dave Smith
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, Glen Keane, Dave Smith, Lillian Disney, Ron Miller, Esmond Cardon Walker, Roy O. Disney, Michael Eisner, Tim Burton
R: 2019-02-27
I: 2019-02-27
3783 Dizney Coast to Coast
#551, 00:57:56
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Hocus Pocus Producer David Kirschner
Tim Burton, Jim Henson, David Kirschner
R: 2018-07-18
I: 2018-08-28
2869 Animation World Magazine
#1.9, 7pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Tim Burton’s 'Vincent'
A Matter of Pastiche
Author: Michael Frierson
Tim Burton
R: 1996-12
I: 2016-10-03
2792 Cinema Paper
Text (Magazine), Feature
Video Invades Disneyland
Author: John Salkin, Julie Stone
Jerry Rees, Steven Lisberger, Tim Burton, Syd Mead
R: 1982-04
I: 2016-09-08
2463 Starlog Magazine
#197, 7pp
Text (Magazine), Interview
'twas the Might Before Halloween
As all through the House, Danny Elfman & Henry Selick brew up Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas"
Author: Dan Yakir
Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, Henry Selick
R: 1993-12
I: 2016-05-12
154 Animation Podcast
#8, 00:26:16
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Ron and John
Part 2
Author: Clay Kaytis
Ron Clements, John Musker, Burny Mattinson, Howard Ashman, Tim Burton, Joe Ranft
R: 2005-09-30
I: 2014-11-01
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