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The Tad Stones Interview
Part 2
Joe Strike

Joe Strike continues his interview with Tad Stones about his 30-year career in animation.


[...| [They] pick up with Tad talking about a short subject Fun with Mr. Future he was making for EPCOT.

Tad Stones cut short his vacation to pitch Michael D. Eisner upon his arrival at Disney in 1984. Tad enjoyed working with Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Tad Stones:
They used the inside of Mr. Lincoln's head for Mr. Future and put a bowtie on him. His voice was Phil Proctor and he basically introduced you to the world of the future. It was an excuse to put these little animation segments together that showed how the computer would be used in the future, how energy can be wasted, little bits and pieces from these shows. It was a lot of fun but I couldn't even tell you where you find it now. It's one of those gems even Disney doesn't know it has. I went to a comic convention and was surprised to see its cels for sale.

Now when Michael Eisner joined the company, the merchandising people thought Elijah had arrived, they were very much pushing for the company to go into TV animation. Michael of course had started in TV animation at ABC - Scooby-Doo and all that. The Jackson 5ive was one of the shows done under his regime.


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