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7288 Misc documents
Text (Document), Pressbook, Program
The Moon-Spinners
Buena Vista Distribution Pressbook, 1964
Hayley Mills
R: 1964
I: 2024-05-07
7284 Computer Graphics World
#15.11, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Ancient Tale, Modern Impact
Disney meets the challenge of Aladdin with an increased level of ingenuity
Author: Gary Pfitzer
Eric Goldberg, Randy Cartwright, Tina Price
R: 1992-11
I: 2024-04-18
7269 Cartoonist PROfiles
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney Nostalgia
Photo Comments
Author: Ed Black
Ward Kimball, Walter Elias Disney
R: 1984-09
I: 2024-02-23
7264 Entertainment Weekly
Text (Website), Feature
When Mickey Goes Marching In
Scholars And Celebs Rebel Against Disney's Planned History Theme Park In Virginia
Author: Tim Appelo
Michael Eisner
R: 1994-07-15
I: 2024-02-20
7263 Misc documents
Text (Document), Pressbook, Program
The Gnome-Mobile
Buena Vista Distribution Pressbook, 1967
Robert Stevenson
R: 1967
I: 2024-02-17
7232 Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
#2023, 105pp
Text (Book Series), Book
Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
Author: Lucas O. Seastrom, Tom Klein, Didier Ghez, Nathan Eick
Didier Ghez, Lucas O. Seastrom, Tom Klein, Nathan Eick, Wolfgang Reitherman, Hans Christian Anderson, Edgar Bergen, Pete Seanoa
R: 2023-12-29
I: 2024-01-06
7231 Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
#2021-2022, 80pp
Text (Book Series), Book
Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
Author: Didier Ghez, Tom Klein, Maggie Evenson, Bethanee Bemis
Didier Ghez, Tom Klein, Maggie Evenson, Bethanee Bemis, Walter Lantz, Walt Kelly, Fred Moore, Hans Christian Anderson, Edgar Bergen, Walter Elias Disney, Bianca Majolie, La Verne Harding
R: 2022-06-16
I: 2024-01-06
7230 Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
#2020, 76pp
Text (Book Series), Book
Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
Author: Didier Ghez, Mindy Johnson, Kevin M. Kern, Matt Moryc, J.B. Kaufman
Didier Ghez, Mindy Johnson, Kevin Kern, J.B. Kaufman, Matt Moryc, Walter Elias Disney, Grace Huntington, Betty Smith-Totten
R: 2020-09-23
I: 2024-01-06
7226 Modern Screen
#54.12, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Hayley Mills, John Mills
R: 1960-12
I: 2024-01-03
7218 LOOK magazine
#18.26, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
20,000 leagues under the sea
Movie Review
Richard Fleischer
R: 1954-12-28
I: 2024-01-02
7176 Lighting+Sound international
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney World's Nightly IllumiNations
Author: John Haupt
John Haupt, Don Dorsey, Adam Bezark
R: 1988-11
I: 2023-03-30
7133 U.S. News and World Report
#117.14, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Mickey Mouse walks away from a fight
Disney backs out of a controversial theme park project
Author: Don L. Boroughs
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, Frank Wells
R: 1994-10-10
I: 2022-11-13
7128 Technology Illustrated
#1.2, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Future According to Disney
Author: Dennis Meredith
Wathel Rogers
R: 1981, 1982
I: 2022-11-01
7127 MD Medical News Magazine
#25.11, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
WALT DISNEY – King of the Magic Kingdom
Walter Elias Disney, Ub Iwerks, Flora Call Disney, Flora Call Disney
R: 1981-11
I: 2022-11-01
7126 Movie Maker
#12.11, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The House that Walt Build
Author: Bill Davison
Walter Elias Disney, Ub Iwerks, Bill Davidson
R: 1978-11
I: 2022-11-01
7119 Computer
#42.7, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Melting The Boundaries Between Fantasy And Reality
Technology goes beyond visual effects to produce alternative realities for immersive entertainment experiences.
Author: Scott Trowbridge, Christopher Stapleton
Scott Trowbridge, Walter Elias Disney, Doug Trumbull, George Lucas
R: 2009-07
I: 2022-10-24
7118 Bandwagon
#6.4, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney Wagons Arrive In Baraboo
Walter Elias Disney
R: 1962-07,08
I: 2022-10-23
7117 Bandwagon
#55.2, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
With Gil Gray in Disneyland
Author: Richard Steele
Walter Elias Disney, Roy Williams, Wally Boag, Annette Funicello, Hal Adelquist, Tommy Walker
R: 2011-03/04
I: 2022-10-23
7116 Bandwagon
#55.2, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Mickey Mouse Club Circus
Author: Richard Harris
Walter Elias Disney, Joe Fowler, Dick Irvine, Fess Parker, Bill Walsh, Bruce Bushman, Hal Adelquist
R: 2011-03/04
I: 2022-10-23
7114 Administrative Management
#43.11, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Exciting World Of Epcot Center
Tomorrow's Technologies Displayed at New Disney Attraction
Author: Robert L. Sample
Dick Nunis, Ray Bradbury
R: 1982-11
I: 2022-10-16
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