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Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
Didier Ghez, Tom Klein, Maggie Evenson, Bethanee Bemis

The Hyperion Historical Alliance (HHA)'s 2021-2022 annual is the third in a series of publications featuring in-depth articles on Disney history-related subjects authored by members of this professional association. This edition's articles include:

  • "Bianca Majolie in the Story Department," a look at the career of a talented woman who contributed dozens of influential Disney story ideas from 1935-1940, from Elmer Elephant to Fantasia, among others;
  • "Drawn to Disney: La Verne Harding and Fred Moore," a fascinating insight into a one-year period in 1947 when famed animator Fred Moore joined pioneering woman animator La Verne Harding in working for Walter Lantz;
  • "Walt Kelly in the Story Department," an exploration of how the future creator of the Pogo comic strip spent his early Disney career in Disney's Story Department;
  • "Walt Disney Left His (Post)Mark on the World," a history of Disney-themed stamps, including the creation of 1968's Walt Disney Commemorative Stamp; and
  • "Presidents, the Nixon Tapes, and the Disney Parks," an account of modern American presidents and their visits to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.


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Source type Book Series
Volume 2021-2022
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