# Source Title People Date
6362 International Management
#25.7, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Mickey Mouse Legacy
When Walt Disney died, he left a loosely organized empire. […]
Author: George McDonald
Donn Tatum, Esmond Cardon Walker, Roy O. Disney
R: 1970-07
I: 2021-12-12
6172 Next
#1.3, 9pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Future As A Walt Disney Production
Author: J. Tevere MacFadyen
Marty Sklar, William Sullivan, John Hench, Walter Elias Disney, Donn Tatum, Esmond Cardon Walker, Randy Bright
R: 1980-07/08
I: 2021-07-14
6169 Business Week
#2193, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
How Disney financed its new superpark
Donn Tatum
R: 1971-09-11
I: 2021-07-12
6117 Amusement Business
#91.20, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
World market for Disney parks tests in Japan
Donn Tatum, Esmond Cardon Walker
R: 1979-05-19
I: 2021-05-16
5394 The Progress City Radio Hour
#7, 02:02:21
Text (Podcast), Interview
Town Hall: Frank Stanek
Part 2
Frank Stanek, Blaine Gibson, John Hench, Marvin Davis, Bob Foster, Joe Fowler, Ron Miller, Donn Tatum, Esmond Cardon Walker, Michael Eisner, George Lucas, Frank Wells
R: 2020-08-25
I: 2020-08-25
4858 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
Up, Up and Away With Walt Disney
Author: Jim Korkis
Bob Gurr, Jim Korkis, Harrison Price, Dave Smith, Walter Elias Disney, Lillian Disney, Ub Iwerks, Ron Miller, William Everett Potter, Donn Tatum, Bob Thomas, Esmond Cardon Walker, Annette Funicello, Julie Andrews, Dean Jones
R: 2020-04-15
I: 2020-04-15
4788 Cartoon Brew
Text (Website), Feature
"Walt": The Disney Biopic That Never Was
Author: Mike Bonifer
Jack Lindquist, Milt Kahl, Roy E. Disney, Dave Smith, Wolfgang Reitherman, Walter Elias Disney, Peter Ellenshaw, Hazel George, Ub Iwerks, Ron Miller, Donn Tatum, Bob Thomas, Esmond Cardon Walker, Sam McKim, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, George Lucas
R: 2013-12-05
I: 2020-03-20
4111 The Billboard
#72.23, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney Takes Legal Action Vs. Marco Firm, C. V. Wood
Charges Misrepresentation, Seeks Ban on Using Trade-Marks, Names
Donn Tatum, C. V. Wood
R: 1960-05-23
I: 2019-02-01
2970 The Carpenter
#91.12, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
The New Disneyworld
...all union made and proud of it
Author: Donn Tatum
Donn Tatum
R: 1971-12
I: 2016-12-17
2678 Walt Disney Productions, Annual Reports
Text (Annual Report), Document
Walt Disney Productions
Annual Report 1971
Ron Miller, Donn Tatum, Roy O. Disney
S: 1971
I: 2016-08-03
667 Walt's People
#10 C 37, 17pp
Text (Book Series), Interview
Donn Tatum
Author: Bob Thomas
Donn Tatum
R: 2011-01-12
S: 1973
I: 2014-11-25
576 Walt's People
#8 C 16, 9pp
Text (Book Series), Interview
Donn Tatum
Author: Richard Hubler
Donn Tatum
R: 2009-08-05
S: 1968
I: 2014-11-25
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