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5000 Sketches
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Art of Friendship
Author: Jim Fanning
Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston
R: 2001
I: 2020-05-01
4859 Book of the Mouse Club
#39, 01:06:31
Audio (Podcast), Interview
“The Making of Walt Disney’s Fun and Fancy Free” by J.B. Kaufman
Author Interview
J.B. Kaufman
R: 2020-04-16
I: 2020-04-16
4852 Book of the Mouse Club
#38, 01:18:54
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Podcast Party for “It’s Kind of a Cute Story”
by Rolly Crump as told to by Jeff Heimbuch ft. Author Jeff Heimbuch, Publisher Leonard Kinsey
Rolly Crump, Jeff Heimbuch
R: 2020-04-04
I: 2020-04-11
4849 Rope Drop Radio
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Cleaning the Kingdom with Ken and Lynn from The Sweep Spot
R: 2019-09-13
I: 2020-04-09
4848 Rope Drop Radio
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Meet the Disney Brothers
Book Review with author Aaron Goldberg
Walter Elias Disney, Roy O. Disney, Aaron Goldberg
R: 2020-04-03
I: 2020-04-09
4823 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
Disney Books That Never Were
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, Jeff Kurtti, Ward Kimball, John Canemaker, Dave Smith, Vladimir Tytla, Carl Robert Fallberg, Perce Pearce, Bob Thomas, Paul Murry, Walter Lantz, John Culhane, Lawrence Edward Watkin, Fred Moore
R: 2020-03-25
I: 2020-04-04
3533 Child Life
#21.9, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
A Glimpse Into Bambi
Walt Disney's new moving picture in technicolor adapted from Felix Salten's book of the same name
R: 1942-09
I: 2017-11-22
1726 Window to the Magic
#312, 00:56:54
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Walt & the Promise of Progress City
Sam Gennawey
R: 2012-02-27
I: 2015-09-23
900 The Tiara Talk Show
#13, 00:30:23
Audio (Youtube Channel), Interview
Interview with Ron Husband
Don Hahn, Glen Keane, Frank Thomas, Ron Husband
R: 2014-05-01
I: 2015-01-21
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