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The Art of Friendship
Jim Fanning

He could easily be mistaken for a retired pharmacist or an experienced accountant. But beneath his mild-mannered exterior glows the soul of an impassioned artist. His expertise, exercised with pencil and paper and the combined talents of artist and actor, is the creation of friendships of every sort. See his characters in action, and the emotions crackle between a wizened old wizard and his cynical owl...a wide-eyed baby deer and his rabbit pal...a shy janitor mouse secretly in love with a glamorous secret-agent mouse.

Master Disney animator Ollie Johnston brought vivid relationships between a colorful collection of characters to life. One of Walt’s legendary “Nine Old Men,” Ollie’s sensitivity, humanity and humor came alive through his animation. Ollie’s characters were more than funny, more than interesting. He so lovingly portrayed the emotions of his characters that they live in the hearts of audiences everywhere.




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