# Source Title People Date
6701 Connecting with Walt
#218, 01:45:09
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Walt's Disneyland with Marcy Carriker Smothers
Walter Elias Disney, Marcy Smothers
R: 2022-03-25
I: 2022-03-31
6349 Tomorrow Society podcast
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Dave Bossert on Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer
Author: Dan Heaton
Claude Coats, Dave Bossert
R: 2021-11-01
I: 2021-11-01
6316 Connecting with Walt
#197, 01:25:41
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Claude Coats with Dave Bossert and Alan Coats
Alan Coats, Claude Coats, Dave Bossert
R: 2021-09-24
I: 2021-09-25
6262 Skull Rock Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Imagineers Alan Coats and Tony Baxter Talk
About "Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer — The Making of Disneyland"
Author: Dave Bossert, Aljon Go
Tony Baxter, Alan Coats, Claude Coats, Dave Bossert
R: 2021-08-16
I: 2021-08-16
6251 Bobsleds & Banthas
#70, 01:33:33
Audio (Podcast), Interview
An Evening with Imagineer Christopher Merritt on Marc and Alice Davis
Alice Davis, Marc Davis, Chris Merritt
R: 2021-08-06
I: 2021-08-07
6250 The Sweep Spot
#315, 01:25:05
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Disneyland Imagineer Claude Coats Book
Alan Coats, Claude Coats, Dave Bossert
R: 2021-08-07
I: 2021-08-07
6246 Notably Disney
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Author David Bossert and Imagineer Alan Coats
on Upcoming "Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer" Book
Alan Coats, Claude Coats, Dave Bossert
R: 2021-08-03
I: 2021-08-04
6124 Writer's Digest
#38.12, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
I Sold "Pigeon, Fly Home" To Walt Disney
Author: Thomas Liggett
R: 1958-12
I: 2021-05-21
5957 Book of the Mouse Club
#56, 00:26:11
Audio (Podcast), Interview
“Magic Journey: My Fantastical Walt Disney Imagineering Career” by Kevin Rafferty
Author Interview
Kevin Rafferty
R: 2021-04-01
I: 2021-04-02
5864 Misc Books
Text (Book), Feature
Disneyland, 1955: The Place That Was Also a TV Show
[from book "As seen on TV : the visual culture of everyday life in the 1950s"]
Author: Karal Ann Marlin
Walter Elias Disney
R: 1994
I: 2021-02-26
5783 Cartoonist PROfiles
#39, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh
R: 1978-09
I: 2021-02-02
5776 Cartoonist PROfiles
#97, 10pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Interview With John Musker And Ron Clements
Author: Nancy Beiman
Alan Menken, Ron Clements, John Musker, Eric Goldberg, Frank Thomas, Eric Larson, Wolfgang Reitherman, Ted Berman, Steve Hulett, Art Stevens, Bob Thomas, Richard Williams, Peter Young, Mike Peraza, Phil Nibbelink, Randy Cartwright, Howard Ashman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, Robin Williams, Jodi Benson, Tim Rice, Christopher Finch, Tina Price, Don Bluth
R: 1993-03
S: 1993
I: 2021-02-02
5773 Cartoonist PROfiles
#54, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Illusion Of Life - A Book by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston
Reviewed by Grim Natwick
Author: Grim Natwick
Claude Coats, Marc Davis, Mary Blair, Ken Anderson, Frank Thomas, Walter Elias Disney, Grim Natwick, Ollie Johnston, Ken O’Connor, Salvador Dali, Gustaf Tenggren, Fred Moore
R: 1982-06
I: 2021-02-02
5602 Animated Views
Text (Website), Interview
Disney Historian Christian Renaut on The Best Of Disney’s Animated Features
Author: Jérémie Noyer
Andreas Deja, Marc Davis, Ward Kimball, Milt Kahl, Glen Keane, Didier Ghez, John Canemaker, Herb Ryman, Frank Thomas, Dale Oliver, Wolfgang Reitherman, Walter Elias Disney, Vance Gerry, Joe Grant, Ollie Johnston, Ken O’Connor, William Bartlett Peet, Brian Sibley, Walt Stanchfield, Mindy Johnson, Michael Eisner, Jack Kinney, Phil Dike, Ilene Woods, Robin Allan, John Culhane, Howard Green, Jérémie Noyer, Christian Renaut, Paula Sigman Lowery
R: 2020-12-06
I: 2020-12-15
5584 Tomorrow Society podcast
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Filmmaker Jeff Blyth
on Wonders of China and The Timekeeper
Jeff Blyth
R: 2020-12-07
I: 2020-12-07
5556 The Disney Dose Podcast
#21, 00:46:27
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Universal Versus Disney and Great Disneyland Stories
with Sam Gennawey
Author: Gavin Doyle
Sam Gennawey
R: 2014-11-20
I: 2020-11-30
5548 Misc Websites
Video (Website), Feature
The Queens of Animation
Author: Nathalia Holt
Mary Blair, Walter Elias Disney, Sylvia Holland, Retta Scott, Brenda Chapman, Ted Sears, Nathalia Holt
R: 2019-11-21
S: 2019
I: 2020-11-29
5535 Skull Rock Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Academy Award winner John Canemaker and Disney animation
Dave Bossert, John Canemaker
R: 2020-11-23
I: 2020-11-23
5531 Dizney Coast to Coast
#783, 00:54
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Disney Legend Don Iwerks Discusses His Dad, Disney Legend Ub Iwerks
Ub Iwerks, Don Iwerks
R: 2020-11-18
I: 2020-11-18
5521 Tomorrow Society podcast
#94, 00:46:35
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Nathalia Holt on The Queens of Animation
Nathalia Holt
R: 2020-02-10
I: 2020-11-15
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