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Disney Historian Christian Renaut on The Best Of Disney’s Animated Features
Jérémie Noyer

Renaut tells Animated Views what separates his book from other Disney film books, in Jeremie's exclusive interview.

A ‘Best of’ book on Disney’s animated features? How biased! How ridiculous! How impossible! This may well be a first reaction.

Yet, after launching a poll about ten years ago in Europe and the USA, French author Christian Renaut could eventually come up with a list, because some sequences do stand out. They stand out for various reasons, based on sentimental memories as well as artistic criteria.

Out of that poll came this book, The Best Of Disney’s Animated Features, just published (in English) by Theme Park Press, whose aim is to dive into the making of those memorable sequences.

Renaut is well-known for his first book, From Snow White To Hercules, published by Dreamland in 1997, with a foreword written by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. The congratulations he received from Roy Disney and Michael Eisner opened even more doors for another project, The Disney Heroines, published in 2000, with a foreword by Glen Keane. He was also one of the main authors of the booklets for the Walt Disney – Figurines de collection series by Hachette, published in France, Belgium and Canada.

Now, thanks to in-depth research, hundreds of personal exclusive interviews of artists from several generations, the help of renowned experts, and several visits to the Walt Disney Archives, the first volume of this new venture is now completed.

We asked Christian to tell us more about this volume and his exciting journey up its publication.



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