# Source Title People Date
5727 3D Artist
#1938, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Taking Pride
MPC and The Lion King
Author: James Clarke
R: 2019-12
I: 2021-01-13
4893 Computer Graphics World
#42.1, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Pride of Place
MPC artists create the first photorealistic CG feature filmed entirely in virtual reality.
Author: Barbara Robertson
Jon Favreau, Robert Legato, Andrew R. Jones, Audrey Ferrara, Elliot Newman, Adam Valdez, James Chinlund, Caleb Deschanel
R: 2019, Summer
I: 2022-03-01
4661 Animated Views
Text (Website), Interview
The Lion King VFX supervisor talks film’s revolutionary visuals, and why he counts it as a live-action movie
Author: Matt Grobar
Jon Favreau, Robert Legato
R: 2020-02-01
I: 2020-02-02
4474 Maltin on Movies
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Caleb Deschanel
R: 2019-08-23
I: 2019-11-24
4473 Mousetalgia!
#562, 01:11:25
Audio (Podcast), Interview
The Lion King (2019)
Michael Goldman
R: 2019-07-28
I: 2019-11-24
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