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Taking Pride
MPC and The Lion King
James Clarke

3D Artist speaks with Elliot Newman, VFX supervisor at MPC, about the studio's immersion in the world of virtual production

On 19 July 2019, the very day on  which The Lion King opened in both the US and the UK. Elliot Newman is all too aware of the epic creative venture he has now completed. Based at MPC in London, Newman begins our conversation by noting that it served as the centre of the company's work on the movie. Assets for the film were built at the London studio and then made available to the production base in Los Angeles, where the virtual production work of 'shooting' the movie took place (under the lead of director Jon Favreau and production visual effects supervisor Rob Legato). Animation for the movie was then undertaken by Newman's team in London with input also provided by MPC's Los Angeles and Bangalore studios.




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