# Source Title People Date
5969 TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)
Video (Youtube Channel), Interview
In Conversation With Pete Docter
John Lasseter, Milt Kahl, Tom Hanks, Walter Elias Disney, Joe Grant, Ollie Johnston, Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Ed Asner, Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich, Ronnie Del Carmen, Jonas Rivera
R: 2015-06-19
S: 2015
I: 2021-04-10
4577 Techlife News
Text (Magazine), Feature
Inside Out
the next big hit animation
Author: Banjamin Kerry, Gavin Lenaghan
John Lasseter, Pete Docter
R: 2015-06-21
I: 2019-12-27
3708 Media Magic
Text (Website), Interview
Entretien avec le Superviseur de l'Animation Victor Navone
Victor Navone
R: 2015-12-13
I: 2018-07-01
3555 The Operating Cameraman/Camera Operator
#24.4, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Operating the Virtual Camera
Behind the Animated Feature Film Inside Out
Author: Adam Habib
R: 2015, Fall
I: 2017-12-04
3502 Mousetalgia!
#472, 01:03:51
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Don Hahn on Disney's mid-century modernism
+ The making of Inside Out
Don Hahn, Pete Docter, Jonas Rivera
R: 2017-11-07
I: 2017-11-07
3100 3D Artist
#82, 13pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Making of Pixar's Inside Out
Code to Joy
Author: James Clarke
R: 2015
I: 2017-02-24
1872 Spline Cast
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Inside Out Animator Round Table!
Victor Navone, Shawn Krause, Guiherme Jacinto, Travis Hathaway, Jamie Roe, Dovi Anderson
R: 2015-11-09
I: 2015-11-10
1539 SoundWorks Collection
Video (Podcast), Interview
The Sound of Inside Out
Pete Docter
R: 2015-06-29
I: 2015-07-02
1476 LIFE Magazine
#13.9, 9pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Walt Disney goes to War
R: 1941-08-31
I: 2015-06-23
1449 The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast
#21, 00:48:19
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Pete Doctor and Directing INSIDE OUT
Pete Docter
R: 2015-06-19
I: 2015-06-19
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