The story of the making of EPCOT needs to be properly told, one day. It is, first and foremost, the story of the men and women who created it. This interview with Kym Murphy and the one that follows, with his colleague Chris Runco, are two small attempts at beginning somewhere.

Didier Ghez: When and where were you born and what did you do before joining Disney?

Kym Murphy: I had a very crazy childhood. I was born in Hollywood in 1941. The date was February 10, 1941, just 10 months before Pearl Harbor. My mother, unfortunately, was not married at the time. So you can imagine, under those circumstances, that this was a very scandalous and difficult situation for her.[…]


DG: Before we talk about your first few days at WED, you mentioned that you had done a bit of consulting on some projects before that for them. Do you remember on what projects you were working and what was the consulting about? Any stories about that?

KM: Sure. You’ve heard of Mineral King? It was Walt’s dream of creating a very unique ski resort in the High Sierras. A team at WED had worked on it quite extensively. It was going to be unique in the world as far as ski resorts are concerned. The location was spectacular and they made a tremendous amount of headway. But the environmentalists, especially the Sierra Club and others, fought the project tooth and nail. […]


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