Bob Thomas: What was your area of operations?

Mickey Clark: Mine was finance. I started with the Studio in 1940. Back in November, a long time ago. I worked in the Accounting Department.

BT: Were you a local fellow?

MC: I applied for a job there in 1940 and was hired. I started out in the Shipping and Receiving Department. From there I moved up into the mail room. At that time I was still going to school at night. I was studying accounting and finance. From there I moved into the Camera Department with Mickey Batchelder. I worked there for a while and at that time I was able to get moved into the Accounting Department. I stayed in the Accounting Department until 1953. I was manager of the Accounting Department. Walt had just formed his new company, which was WED Enterprises. Now Retlaw. He asked if I would want to come over and work with him personally and handle the finances for his new company. I said, “Sure.” Obviously it was an area of promotion and I looked forward to advancement.


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