BT: You go way back to Hyperion, right?

KO: Yes, in 1935.

BT: Wow.

KO: I had a time to work like the devil to get Snow White out, in ‘37.

BT: What did the Studio look like?

KO: In Hyperion? Well, it seemed it had some odd little cottages brought in from [garbled]. But to me it was mainly a hot box. [Laughs.] It was hot. We had no air conditioning then. And it was terrible over there in summer, trying to avoid smearing your own drawings, always throwing open the window pane, trying to prevent smearing drawings with your own perspiration. It was really terrible. I was tried out in a room which we called “the black hole,” and that had no windows and no air conditioning. Just a big black place except for the real light coming out of the [annex] where the guys were trying out, animating. There would be a real light on the papers that they flipped to make their inbetweens.


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