Theme parks are more than just passive entertainment; they can inspire us and even change our lives. For a certain type of creative young person, that strong connection with the art plays a huge role. Josh Steadman built a lifelong passion for becoming a theme park designer that led him to Walt Disney Imagineering in 2011. He took a long road to reach that goal with its share of challenges, however. On this episode of The Tomorrow Society Podcast, Josh talks about how he got interested in theme parks and ultimately became a designer.
Theme park designers work in the field on their latest project.

During this interview, Josh takes us through his jobs at Thinkwell; the International Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk, Poland; and on TV productions like Wipeout and Lincoln Heights before joining Walt Disney Imagineering in 2011. He also describes mentors like Don Carson that helped him along the way. Shanghai Disneyland was a massive project, and Josh explains both the excitement and the difficulties of working overseas. He worked as a Show Designer and Production Designer on the Enchanted Storybook Castle Walkthrough in Shanghai along with other projects.