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Disneylands now-operating line, although short, is demonstrating to millions of visitors what its like to ride on this new-old transportation method. Seattles Century 21 exposition will also use a monorail line between the city and the Exposition site. Meanwhile, monorail for Western cities is "‘under study."

With one monorail line in operation at Disneyland and another planned for construction in Seattle, Westerners at both ends of the Coast will have a chance to see whether monorail offers the muchsought answer to rapid transit. Although Disneylands monorail is not the first to be built in the United States (a pilot model line was built at Houston, Texas, in 1956), it is the first to operate consistently in this country. Even though the line is short (four fifths of a mile) and slow (25 mph) because of its many curves, thousands of people will experience the feeling of riding in a car that straddles a single rail and glides noiselessly from station to station. (Real rapid transit would operate at around 60 mph.) Seattles line will run between downtown and the site of the Century 21 Exposition on First Hill, a one-mile distance which it will cover in 94 seconds.