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VISITORS to the fair are offered nearly every experience man's inventiveness and imagination can create or recreate. One show ignores the boundaries of age. In it, fantasy is grandly and generously applied. "It's A Small World," a pleasantly mysterious domain, was prepared for Pepsi-Cola Company and salutes UNICEF. It is a universal realm of splendid vistas.

Walt Disney and his staff of imagineers at WED Enterprises, Inc., created a dynamic Tower Of The Four Winds that serves as a 120-foot-high exclamation point at the Pepsi-Cola pavilion entrance. The tower is the world's largest mobile. Attached to three primary columns and four slender buttresses are more than 100 spinning, swiveling, oscillating elements of many colors and shapes. Propellers of every description and size; a miniature, purely decorative carousel with animals from several countries; a stylized representation of the sun; figures of birds, flying fish, winged dragons, butterflies, bees, and other creatures, are in perpetual motion. Long Island Sound's persistent breezes cause this constant action.

Impressive as it is, the Tower Of The Four Winds only serves as an appetizer for the color and excitement inside. Immediately behind the tower is the point of embarkation for the FantaSea boats, each carrying fifteen people. Boats are propelled 2 feet per second by silent, hidden jetstreams of water beneath the water line of the channel. This WED system eliminates vibration, noise, and engine fumes.


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