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THE CHAP WHOSE PICTURE APPEARS ON OUR COVER THIS MONTH, ONE D. DUCK, HAS BEEN POKING HIS FAMOUS BILL INTO SOME OF THE MOST FABULOUS IRON AND STEEL-MAKING INSTALLATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES OVER THE LAST YEAR AND SOME MONTHS. The Duck's tour commenced in February '64, when the American Iron and Steel Institute approached Walt Disney with the idea of pooling their respective talents in a motion picture enterprise which would make the steel industry known (and loved?-the ultimate selection of lovable DD would suggest so) by non-steel people. Mr. Disney, whose career could almost be defined as a lifelong effort to interpret very special things to the uninitiate, was not long in saying yes, but the man who has put in months patiently waiting for flowers to bloom quickly decided on another tack: unleashing a crack camera crew on eleven selected installations in a movie-taking blitz that would last for more than five weeks.

At the end of this period, Donald was back in Hollywood and enough steel mill footage was in those film cans to make dozens of the type of movie Disney-AISI has in mind. What didn't end up on the cuttingroom floor at Disney's Burbank studios is even now being polished and honed into THE movie of the steel industry, and Donald (who is "on" about one-third of the time, along with selected others of his animated cartoon confreres) hopes to have it before the public by October of this year.