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Disneyland's Alweg monorail system-first commercial operation of its type in America -has been tripled in length, and acquired three new four-car trains

Disneyland has more than tripled its monorail facilities. The Disneyland-Alweg monorail system, first passenger-carrying monorail to operate daily in America, now connects the Anaheim, Calif., park with the Disneyland Hotel. The new 8.767-ft beamway extends the system to a total length of 12,300 ft, not including 900 ft of beamway from the main line into the monorail servicing area and the switch from the main beamway onto the spur track.

The new monorail extension, including three new four-car trains. was scheduled to go into regular daily service recently. One-third of the approximate $2-million cost has been underwritten by the Disneyland Hotel. This brings the total cost of the system to $3.3 million (the original monorail and train equipment previously in use inside the park having cost $1.3 million). The $3.3 million figure includes engineering design and development work; site preparation; construction of about 2½ miles of beamway and pylons; and passenger stations, cars and their component parts.