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CALIFORNIAS NEWEST RAILROAD shuns anythng of this era. From its mansard-roofed station to its brassbound team locomotives and wooden coaches, the Santa Fe & Disneyland is 19th Century throughout. Service began July 17 following ceremonies in which Fred G. Gurley, president of the Santa Fe, Californias Governor Goodwin J. Knight, and Walt Disney too part. The station forms the entrance to Disneyland, 160-acre amusement park at Anaheim, Cal., some 22 miles south of Los Angeles. Stations and trains are "ride-sized" —_ fiveeighths full size.

LIKE A CURRIER & IVES PRINT, this scene depicts a stock train (which actually carries passengers) "in the hole" for the "flyer," whose derbyhatted engineer reflects the best traditions of post-Civil War railroading. Cars of the passenger train have been named for scenic attractions along the prototype Santa Fe. The locomotives, "C. K. Holliday" (left) and "E. P. Ripley," have been named for former Santa Fe presidents. The trains carry visitors to various parts of Disney's "magic kingdom." Standard operating and safety rules apply on the 9,000ft system.