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The California Public Utilities Commission may not know about this yet, but on July 18 a wholly new railroad will begin operations at Anaheim, Cal., some 22 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Steam power will be used exclusively for both freight and passenger trains. Passengers cars—four coaches, an observation car and a mail-baggage combine—will be of wooden construction (but with steel underframes). Passengers may also ride in any of the roads four livestock ears or its caboose. Both locomotives will be of the 4-4-0 type, but Railway Age has not been able to learn whether they will burn coal, oil or wood.

The line will be 1144 miles long, with a total of about 9,000 ft of 36in-gage track. Some 200,000 cu yd of earth were moved to build, not just the roadbed, but mountains, rivers and hills alongside it.

Now this doesnt seem to make mueh sense until the name of the carrier is revealed—its the Santa Fe & Disneyland.