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When New York TIMES BOOK REVIEW critics selected "Pigeon, Fly Home!" as one of the ten best adventure books for boys published in 1956, I felt I had something movie makers might be interested in. Casting around for an approach, thought of Bob Thomas, Hollywood columnist for the Associated Press. As theater-page editor for THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, a daily, I handled Thomas's copy. I'd heard from an AP staffer that Thomas once sold a story to the movies and that he was a friendly and helpful fellow. I wrote Thomas (enclosing a return envelope) and said I'd be very grateful if he'd recommend a possible market for my book.

Thomas wrote back, "It sounds as Disney would be the best market for it. I would think that its chances would be pretty dubious with the other studios. If you want to try Disney's, I suggest that you send a copy to Walt Disney Studios, Burbank. It's certainly worth a try.