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The close cooperation of Florida Power and the Disney technical staff provides electric power to an area twice the size of Manhattan Island.

Twice the size of Manhattan Island, Disney World near Orlando, Florida, is a highly specialized project of wide dimensions, and the development has just begun.

Covering approximately 2500 acres of the total 28,000-acre Disney site, the "Vacation Kingdom" already represents a $400-million investment.

Recognized as the largest private construction project in the nation in the last three years, Walt Disney World at one time had 9000 construction workers on the job. It now has a permanent operating force of more than 10,000 trained employees, plus hundreds of construction workers in continuing building projects.

Electric power, the heart of the large diversified operation, was provided through the very close cooperation of Florida Power Corporation in St. Petersburg, and the Disney technical staffs.

Other factors in the achievement included more than four years of computerized designing by Disney engineers, and willingness of the developers to pay for top quality electrical systems at an estimated cost of $11-million.