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Roy E. Disney; Walt's People: Volume 8 - Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him, 2009-08-05 - DIX project
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Roy Edward Disney, Walt’s nephew, son of Roy Oliver Disney and Edna Francis, graduated from Pomona College in 1951 and first began working for the Walt Disney Company as an assistant director in 1954. He then produced some True-Life Adventure films and continued to work as a writer, director and producer until 1967 when he was elected to the Board of Directors of the company.

He resigned as an executive in 1977 but retained a seat on the board of directors. His resignation from the board in 1984, which occurred in the midst of a corporate takeover battle, was the beginning of a series of developments that led to the replacement of company President and CEO Ron Miller by Michael Eisner and Frank Wells. Under the new regime Roy returned to the company as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of the Animation Department.

He currently serves as a consultant for the company and Director Emeritus for the Board of Directors

This interview was conducted the day Roy Edward’s father, Roy O., was given a star on Hollywood Boulevard. […]

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