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A WHILE back, Paul Winchell took his blockhead pal, Jerry Mahoney, to Hollywood. Best part of the trip, says Jerry, was a visit to Walt Disney studios, with Donald Duck (and Donald's movie voice, Clarence 'Ducky" Nash) as host. "It was wonderful,' Jerry sighs. "I was in my element!" Here are snapshots from Jerry's album, plus his own comments on same.

[img]"Historic meeting – D.D. and J.M. Those two fellows? Donald's friend Nash, Winchell, the guy I keep in my suitcase!"[/img]

[img]"The paint department was quite a place. Donald wanted to tour on, but couldn't move me you – know how I love water colors!"[/img]

[img]"In Walt Disney's own office they gave me the key to the joint. And then Ward Kimball drew me – some likeness, huh?"[/img]