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Walt Disney's "Fantasia"

Movie-Radio Guide reviews "Fantasia," a Walt Disney production, with the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski, Deems Taylor, narrator, to most sensational event in music since NBC hired Toscanini is unquestionably the new Walt Disney film "Fantasia," With the aid of the Philadelphia Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski, and Deems Taylor as narrator, "Fantasia" does more for the musical layman than anything yet invented. Music appreciation, commentators, musical shorts all pale in comparison to the magnificent visual and oral spectacle evoked by Disney. Die-hard highbrows will no doubt shudder with horror at some of Disney's radical and fantastic interpretations, but the average lowbrow is going to have the time of his life. No one who thinks classical music is a bore and hard to listen to will ever dare express that opinjon again after seeing "Fantasia."