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John and Hayley Mills, father and daughter, have worked together in three films: “Tiger Bay,” “The Chalk Garden” and “The Truth About Spring.” Hayley, now 18, has also starred in “Whistle Down the Wind,” written by her mother, Mary Hayley Bell, a former actress. When working at home in England the Millses stay at their Berkeley Square flat and make their headquarters on a farm, where they raise beef and dairy cattle.

JOHN: This isn’t going to be very controversial or very stimulating, because we know so much about each other-----

HAYLEY: Ya. I mean, it’s not as if I were a Methodist and you were a Buddhist-----

JOHN: And yet nobody knows everything aboutanother person, evenone’s own daughter. You think you know them. You know the major things they think about. But of course, naturally, everybody has his own particular soul.

HAYLEY: Yes. I mean— the thing is, you do know, basically, an awful lot about me, don’t you? But the things that you don’t know [Pauses, speculating]...well, they wouldn’t be things one would want printed in a magazine...

JOHN: Like a public confession.

HAYLEY: Yes, really. Not that you’d be ashamed. But you see, l’ve always labored under the impression that the word private means private and should really be kept private. Otherwise, you know [Thinking it out], you don’t belong to yourself; you lose your identity. You haven’t got a sort of world of your own to retreat into.