Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men were some of the most talented artists at The Walt Disney Studios during Walt’s lifetime. However, their unique genius was not confined to their animator’s desks; the sincerity in their work was often inspired by their own families and the people that surrounded them. Moderated by curator Don Hahn, this special talk—which will close out the Nine Old Men: Masters of Animation exhibition—you will hear from those who knew the legendary animators best: their children. Relive the children’s favorite moments with their fathers as they discuss what it was like growing up in artistic households, and how their fathers’ legendary work influenced their own lives and careers.

The program was originally presented on January 5, 2019.


  • Sybil Byrnes (daughter of Milt Kahl)
  • Bruce Reitherman (son of Wolfgang “Woolie” Reitherman)
  • Andrea Severe (daughter of John and Florence Lounsbery)
  • Theodore Thomas (son of Frank Thomas)
  • Miri Weible (daughter of Les Clark)