Mark Langer: How did you hear about [Dumbo]?

Bill Hurtz: I was working at Disney’s, and I was Art Babbitt’s assistant at the time. We had finished our work on Fantasia. I had started with Art on Pinocchio and then we moved to Fantasia.

ML: So you worked on the “Dance of the Mushrooms”?

BH: That’s right. Then Art did the stork in Dumbo. And then I was moved from Art’s unit to Freddie Moore’s unit to become a junior animator. I worked with Fred Moore as both as an assistant and junior animator on the balance of Dumbo.

ML: So you worked on Timothy the Mouse?

BH: That’s right.

ML: Was Dumbo originally meant to be a short? I found some evidence of that.

BH: I’ve no idea.


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