The short and tragic life of Disney child star Bobby Driscoll is explored in the new documentary Lost Boy: The Bobby Driscoll Story.

Driscoll had a prolific career during his younger years. He was the first child actor to be signed under an exclusive contract to Walt Disney Studios. His films include Song of the South, Treasure Island, So Dear to My Heart, and Peter Pan.

In 1950, Bobby had the distinction of receiving a Juvenile Academy Award at age 12. Unfortunately, the Disney Company has never recognized his achievements with a Legend Award.

Sadly, after leaving Hollywood for a new start in New York, he tragically died alone and penniless at the age of 31, buried in an unmarked grave.

Interviews with Margaret Kerry, Paul Peterson, Connie Stevens, and others offer unique perspectives into the life of Driscoll and provide new insight about their colleague, friend, and contemporary.

The film is executive produced and directed by Jordan Allender, and also produced by Barry Allender, Bridgett Allender, Zack Kauffman, and Ben Goldberg. For more information, visit the film’s official Facebook page and the film’s page.