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There are two things which Walt Disney, the Archduke of Burbank, dislikes mare than the United States officials who deprived him of a bonanza by forbidding Nikita Khrushehev to visit Disneyland in 1988. He hates the words “sophisticated” and “intellectual.”

For years Disney - who was raised on a farm in Missouri and earned hin first 25-cent fee at the age of seven by drawing a picture of a country-doctor's horse - has bridled at any suggestion that beneath his cornball exterior there beats the heart of an esthete. He delights in calling him-self childlike - a 50-year-old who cherishes boyhood recollections and enthusiasms. He deliberately projects the image of a rube blundering into huge profits despite his immaturity. But, as a former Disney associate told me, “Walt is about as childlike and immature as an electronic computer.”


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