[…] Joe Herrington has been a key figure in creating the audio that drives the magic for nearly 40 years.

Herrington is [the] guest today on The Tomorrow Society Podcast to talk about his career. [They] chat about how he got interested in this medium and his start at Disney. Herrington joined Disney in 1981 during the rush to complete EPCOT Center. He helped create sound effects for Spaceship Earth and pavilions throughout the park. That work was just the start of an extensive career at Disney.

This episode digs into the process that Herrington takes to build sound effects. For example, he explains challenges with the vehicle and combining the different elements into a cohesive whole on the Indiana Jones Adventure. Herrington also describes creating believable sounds for animatronics on attractions like the Country Bear Jamboree. [They] close the interview with a mention of his work on Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, which just opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on March 4th.