John Hench: Our strong point is that we’re better communicators. Through images and through color and through sound and the rest of it, we were taught this in motion pictures—how do you evoke an idea in somebody else’s head so that they understand? If you were dropped in the middle of an Australian bush, or maybe even on Mars, for all I know, and there were people there, this is the way that you would communicate—and you could do it effectively—by gestures, through theatrical means. You’d be in trouble with pictures, but not too much. If you were a good draftsman, you’d be all right. But you’d do it by theatrical means.

And, of course, this is what we’ve done. We’ve taken images, but used them in a theatrical way.

Imagineering is a combination of the word engineering, to contrive, and imagination. I suppose it means evolving new things, new concepts, but it’s really a new way to communicate. […]

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