Something in general about the style of “MULAN” --

We are using stylistic elements of Chinese Art because we want to create a look that reminds us of a Chinese painting but is not too far away from our western understanding.

The film should be entertaining for a broad audience worldwide and not a lecture about Far-Eastern Art.

But the look of the film should be unique and should lead the audience into a new world they have never seen before.

We didn’t want a realistic looking film, nature and architecture should be an interpretation of reality, pretty close to the approach of the Chinese artists of the past.

Besides that we want to use all our latest tools together with the experience of the studio’s last 68 years to continue the tradition.

The MULAN-Style

Let me explain first some basic rules in Film-Design:

We have to fill the screen with information for the audience, information about
    • the location, where we are
    • where the action takes glace.

That information has to be simple enough to be recognizable and understandable in a very short time when it will be visible on the screen together with all the other ingredients like the music and dialogue.