MICHAEL BROGGIE: Roy, what I would like to do is go back to the earliest recollections that you have of having visited the studio and under what circumstances.

ROY E. DISNEY: It’s so ingrained with just earliest memories at all that it is sort of hard to separate it out. My dad’s office was right inside the door by Dick Kannon’s gas station there. You went in and there was an outer office and then right behind that was Dad’s secretary and his office. It faced out on Hyperion, had a window like that on Hyperion. My mother would often drop me off there when I was a little kid, so she could go shopping or something. I don’t know that Dick Kannon was there then, but he took over that gas station operation at some point and then moved out to Burbank when we moved out there. He was there forever it seemed.

MB: So you were dropped off frequently [at the Hyperion studio] after school?

RD: Yes, my mother would drop me off, so that she could go shopping or something. She was an inveterate shopper all her life. I do not mean necessarily grocery shopping, I mean the other kind. [Laughs] So I’d get into Dad’s office, unless he got busy with some meeting and didn’t need me there. [...]

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