John Culhane: On Song of the South, you were overall director of the cartoon sequences.

That’s correct.

JC: It didn’t get released until 1946. Do you remember how long you were working on that?

Well, we were working on it just right before it was released, for however long it took us to do it. They gave us a few months or a year before we released.

JC: This is the first big postwar thing that you—

That I had anything to do with, that’s for sure.

JC: Did you go down to Atlanta for the premiere?


JC: Interviewed on the radio?

No. I don’t remember how I got on to that. I doubt that somehow. I don’t like things like that. When I get in front of a microphone or in front of a camera, or in front of more than three people, I get tongue-tied and I start sweating and blushing, and I forget what I’m going to say. I have an awful time. […]

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