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Screenwriting producers Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo have two major projects in the air; The Rocketeer, Disney’s rollicking adventure about a daring young man in a flying jet pack, and The Flash TV show.

PET FLY productions on the Warner Brothers backlot resembles a cross between the Smithsonian Institute and a college dorm. Slang dictionaries, comic-books and props from their film The Rocketeer, adorn the place, as well as posters for their past films and assorted toys and memorabilia.

The duo got their start at Empire Pictures, where they did such quirky low-budget efforts as Trancers. ”It was a good learning experience,” notes Bilson. "We got paid, not a lot, but we got paid, and it gave us the opportunity to make films."

Their B-movie background has served them well.”Trancers and Zone Troopers are really the basis for us getting all our other jobs," says De Meo. ”People could see that even though we had a nickel to make these movies, we tried to tell good stories and put some humor in it. Trancers was made for less than what we spend on an episode of The Flash! Zone Troopers was made literally for about $400,000."