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ALL THE United States' exhibits at Brussels are tools which must work together as a team, variously supplementing, implementing and/or strengthening one another.

And of all exhibits, films have proven to be the most adaptable and flexible. They help strengthen weakness and correct omissions which may become apparent after the work of the designers is put to the test. This has long been the intent and plan of our designers.

"Circarama" Wins Crowds

It is significant that our most popular and effective exhibit at the Brussels exhibition is Walt Disney's superb Circarama, a motion picture show previously described in Business Screen. Among the three or four other exhibits which have been acclaimed most popular are the thirty-three different continuously-running "loop films". The foreign press has been generous to both exhibits and Circarama, to most Americans, appears to be the only exhibit which gives a "truly representative picture" of the U.S.A.

Both of these exhibits can be considerably improved upon, under different circumstances. The primary means of bettering Circarama would simply be to enlarge it. At present only 400 people can attend the 18-minute showing at a time. Without ballyhoo or promotion, we are playing to capacity houses even during weekday morning hours. And because one must wait in line for as much as an hour, a great many people have been turned back.