Walt Disney, Hollywood's world famous creator of animated cartoon characters and innumerable other rib-tickling, off-beat entertainments, is riding the tallest wave of popularity and prosperity in his remarkable career. The first movie man to make the daring plunge into television, he has captivated the heart of America with his Davy Crockett series, and has pulled our youngsters out of their space suits and into coonskin caps almost overnight.

The wistfully canine heroine of his latest film, Lady and the Tramp, is already another bewitching star in the Disney finnament, along with Snow White, Cinderella, and Captain Nemo of the Nautilus. And just last month Disney turned his restless energies to something not even he had tried before: He Opened a unique project called “Disneyland”-the nation’s most fabulous amusement park. Included in its 160 incredible acres of fun and fantasy at Anaheim, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, is a startling new Disney contribution to motion pictures-a “movie in the round,” called Circarama-in which the audience is completely surrounded by a 360-degree screen.

[…] These creations were all vividly real to me, but I knew less than nothing about their creator.

So I went, not long ago, to Burbank, Calif., hoping to learn the answer to one question: What amazing magical secret does Disney use to make his own dreams, and yours and mine, come true? I imagined he must have a plan or formula or recipe that any of us could use in our humdrum, everyday affairs. But I was completely unprepared for what I found...

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