Originally, I used to get confused between Disney Legends Joe Fowler and Joe Potter. Both had served with distinction in the U.S. military and both were involved with the construction of Walt Disney World.

Finally, I was able to solve the problem by realizing that Potter prepared the land for building and Fowler was the one who supervised the actual building of structures.
To many Disney fans, Potter is pretty much a “forgotten hero”, so I thought I would share an interview done with Potter to give a better insight into this remarkable man.

Published in October 1976 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Walt Disney World, Orlando-land magazine produced a huge issue (Vol. 30, No.12) recounting the story of Walt Disney World beginning in 1962 up to 1976.

Some of the content had appeared previously in the magazine over the years, but was re-edited for this edition. However, the majority of the issue featured new material, including interviews with people like Dick Nunis, Carl Langford (the mayor of Orlando), Donn Tatum, and others, including Joe Potter.

Orlando-land magazine writer Sam Rosen talked to Potter, and even though Disney University later reprinted (with permission) the entire magazine for use at Disney University, this interview has not been seen by anyone for at least three decades. I now share this “lost” interview where among other things we learn how Disney was responsible for U.S. 192 that so many Disney guests use today to get around.

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