This Disney Dose podcast features a presentation from the D23 Expo titled Imagineering 60 Years of Disneyland: Working With Walt. The panel is moderated by Leslie Iwerks, the granddaughter of famed Disney Animator, Ub Iwerks. Leslie is a documentarian who is producing the much anticipated documentary, The Imagineering Story. Marty Sklar, Orlando Ferrante, and Richard Sherman joined Leslie on the panel. Marty Sklar is the former principal creative executive at Walt Disney Imagineering (a fancy way of saying he ran the show). Orlando Ferrante is the former Vice President of engineering, design, and production for Walt Disney Imagineering. Richard Sherman is a member of the songwriting team behind classics ranging from films like “Mary Poppins” and “Parent Trap” to attractions like It’s a Small World and Tiki Room. This panel presentation is a can’t miss attraction and is filled with stories about the opening years of Disneyland told straight from the people who lived them.
  • What was the most important year in Disneyland’s history
  • Why Pirates of the Caribbean is so perfect to ride over and over again
  • What Walt Disney said when he liked something
  • How Walt Disney crafted contracts to save the most money and stretch the limits of their creativity
  • Why the model shop was so important at Walt Disney Imagineering
  • How Richard Sherman wrote the Tiki Room song
  • How Walt Disney lived his life in such a way that everyone had to keep up
  • What drove Walt Disney to create all of the films

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