pp. 06-07 p. 15
The greatest challenge I have ever I faced is the task—the very pleasurable task—of bringing Peter Pan to life in a dream world which only he and his friends can see—and only the animated cartoon can reveal to us in all its magic. […] I believe that if Barrie were alive today, he would be only too happy to write the adventures of Peter and Wendy directly for the screen, realizing that here at last was a chance to perform his miracles exactly as he wanted them, that here was a medium which could do full justice to the quality of his spirit and his showmanship. Despite his canny stagecraft, Sir James often admitted he was never quite satisfied with what the theatre could do for "Peter Pan." He kept on groping for and devising new effects behind the footlights as long as he was associated with the staging. […]

DIX note

Jim Korkis wrote an interesting article about the backgrounds of this article: Walt's Plans for Peter Pan. Colored version found at: ebay