The Season Pass is back at the Baxter Residence for another epic conversation with Disney Legend, Tony Baxter. Discussion on the new Paragon Award from the Thea Awards ceremony, Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida, the theatrics of Disneyland Paris, Phantom Manor, the mysterious Hatbox Ghost, MGM Studios, Fantasy Faire at Disneyland, Frozen at EPCOT, and much more! Plus, analyzing successful attractions with the “Baxter Arithmetic.” Theme Park designers and students, get your notepads out, time to “Design for the 20th ride.” Enjoy!


  • 00:08:50  Paragon Award (Harry Potter Diagon Alley)
  • 00:11:28  Immersive environents (New Orleans Square)
  • 00:14:38  Building for the 20th ride (Peter Pan)
  • 00:16:36  Castmember Interaction; cultural challenges; Disneyland Paris
  • 00:21:50  Hatbox Ghost
  • 00:26:15  Phantom Manor (DLP)
  • 00:36:10  Dangers of going international; Main Streat USA (DLP)
  • 00:40:54  Walt Disney Studios (DLP)
  • 00:42:38  Disneyland Hotel (DLP)
  • 00:45:50  Armageddon (DLP)
  • 00:49:46  The Studios dilemma; magic made real / real things made magical / how magic is made
  • 01:00:51  EPCOT Frozen ride
  • 01:07:43  Judging attraction ideas/essences
  • 01:08:32  1 Thrill experiences (California Screamin')
  • 01:08:58  2 Somewhere you can't go without Disney (Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars)
  • 01:09:14  3 Emotional engaging IP (Dumbo)
  • 01:10:43  Judging Luigi's flying tires
  • 01:13:38  Carnation Plaza Gardens

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