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At Anaheim, Calif., 25 miles from Los Angeles, bulldozers are piling up miniature mountains for a new product of Walt Disney’s fertile imagination - a fabulous playground called Disneyland. At present, Disneyland exists mainly in drawings, models and the color map on these pages. But already its four major areas (see map) are backdrops for the Disneyland TV show, making its debut October 27. The areas are: Adventureland (lower left), with riverboats churning along tropical rivers; Frontierland (left center), with Indians, stagecoaches and a paddle-wheel steamer; Fantasyland (top center), home of Sleeping Beauty and site of Never Never Land; Land of Tomorrow (upper right), with spaceship rides and exhibits by major American industries. Of the park, Disney says, “It's something of a fair, a city from The Arabian Nights, a metropolis of the future, a show place of magic and living facts.”

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