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The only reason they haven't torn your sound equiment apart and put it back together all different is that Hollywood hasn't yet made up its mind anent the standards for reassembling it. Standards are necessary if all theatres are to be able to run the product of all studios. The new sound will be three-dimensional.

Back of the new developments are certain investigations in psychology. Change in the volume of sound or in the direction from which it comes, can and does produce strong emotional responses which are measurable in terms of blood pressure, breathing rate and body electricity. Investigations along those lines have been reported by Stevens Institute of Technology.

More directly connected with theatre operations, Western Electric, in April, 1940, demonstrated a "stereophonic" sound system at Carnegie Hall. Meanwhile, RCA engineers working with technicians of the Disney studio were developing what they called "Fantasound," perhaps because it was being used for Disney's picture, Fantasia. This system was brought to the public in November, 1940, and is currently being road-showed. The film cannot be sent to any theatre because special apparatus is needed to reproduce it. […]

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