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Richard Berryman
Didier Ghez

Didier Ghez: When and where were you born and what did you do before you joined Disney?

Richard Berryman: I was born in Southern California, in Culver City, in 1947. I lived there for a couple of years and then my parents bought some land in the San Fernando Valley and had a house built. Most of my younger days, I lived in the San Fernando Valley, where my two brothers and one sister and I raised farm animals for fun-pigs, horses to Black Angus bulls-and to sell. Every summer, there was a large fair in the Valley; we would all go to show and sell our animals. When I got into high school, my parents sold the big house-we called it the "big house" -and bought a tract house out in Simi Valley with only a rabbit named Charlies and a dog named Freckles, where I transferred to school. I graduated from Simi High and I started out, my first job was in a roller-skating rink actually, in Northridge where we moved from, and my second job was working in an Arco. At that time it was called Richfield filling station, in Simi Valley, learning I about cars, Then I started working in a grocery store, and about that time I got the notice from Uncle Sam saying, "WE WANT YOU," and in the military I went. That was in '67, I think it was. I ended up in Vietnam for 15 months. [...]



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